Pic Of Newspaper Surfaces With Virushka’s Pic Under ‘JeM Terrorists Arrested’, Twitter Reacts


The news of celebrity couples becoming parents and welcoming a newborn into their lives is always exciting – especially when the new parents are Virat and Anushka! Two days ago, the two brought home a baby girl and let’s be honest, we can’t wait to see her!

However, one newspaper supposedly made a blunder while breaking the news to its readers. It seems like they mistakenly placed Virat and Anushka’s picture under the headline ‘2 JeM terrorists arrested in J&K’. The headline which read ‘Anushka, Virat Kohli blessed with baby girl’ was placed slightly below it.

The picture has been circulating online and had gathered a lot of shares. Have a look:


On the other hand, there were others who shared a picture of the same newspaper which had the picture placed under the right headline. They claimed that the picture which was circulating might have been photoshopped.

However, people online found the alleged mishap quite funny! It sparked several memes and jokes online. Have a look:

While it is debatable if the picture is edited or not, the mishap is pretty hilarious!

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