Please Give This Reporter An Award For Getting Into A Bathtub To ‘Decode’ Sridevi’s Death


The news that the world woke up to on Sunday morning has had devastating effects on everyone. From friends and family of the legendary actor Sridevi to the millions of fans who loved this diva, shock and grief dawned upon each one of us.

Previously believed to have died of a cardiac arrest, the autopsy report clearly stated that the veteran actor died of ‘accidental drowning’ in the bathtub. Many ‘theories’ are being formulated to decode the mystery surrounding her death.

While the film fraternity gathered at Anil Kapoor’s Mumbai house to support the family in times of grief, the media is doing a splendid job at making it a ‘sensational topic of discussion’. 


That’s not all, there are also some brilliant articles listing down the many conspiracy theories about Sridevi’s death, which is adding fuel to the fire.

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The hottest topic right now, news channels are going out of their way to grab as much attention as they can. But we found one channel in particular whose news reporter has bagged the ‘Best Reporter’ award from right under everyone’s noses.

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‘Mahaa News’, a Telugu news channel has one of their reporters decoding the mystery of Sridevi’s death by DEMONSTRATING what they think happened. They found a pink bathtub, with they claim would be of the same dimensions as the one in the Dubai hotel room.

According to The News Minute, the reporter apparently asked,

“Did Sridevi slip and fall into the bathtub or is there some other angle to this?”

He then went on and lied down in the tub to explain how no one could possibly drown in it. The genius even added that she could have jumped out of the tub if she wanted to. Another question he asked was,

“So did anyone MAKE Sridevi drown in the bath tub?”

He even uses gestures to demonstrate how someone could have pushed her head into the water to drown her.

See this brilliant reporter in action right here.

With the death of a beloved superstar, journalism in our country has also died. How can these people be so insensitive towards a topic like someone’s death? While her friends, family and fans are grieving the loss, the news of the passing away of such a great and iconic actor has been reduced to a mere joke right now. And until she is laid to rest, this circus will continue.

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