Video: NZ MP Gaurav Sharma Takes Oath In Sanskrit To Pay Homage To Indian Languages


Recently, Dr Gaurav Sharma made headlines after being elected as a Member of Parliament in New Zealand. His story is inspiring in all ways – a man hailing from Himachal Pradesh who migrated to New Zealand along with his family and was homeless in the country goes on to achieve a medical degree and finally become an MP!

According to The Indian Express, in his recent swearing-in ceremony, Dr Gaurav Sharma took his oath in Sanskrit, alongside Te Reo, the indigenous language of New Zealand.

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He took to Facebook to upload a video of the ceremony and wrote:

“I learnt Sanskrit when I was in primary and middle school in India. Sanskrit is a 3500-year-old language from which many of the current Indian languages have originated. I have been told today that I am only the second person ever to take Oath/Affirmation in Sanskrit outside of India.”

The first person to take an oath in Sanskrit was the Surinamese President, Chandrikapersad Santokhi, earlier this year.

Watch Dr Gaurav Sharma’s swearing-in ceremony here:

When he was asked by a few people online on why he didn’t choose to take his oath in Hindi instead, the MP said:


To see Indian-ness being represented in a foreign platform is indeed heartwarming, isn’t it?

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