Mysterious Blue Flashes Light Up New York Sky & Netizens Speculate That Aliens Are Coming

A few days ago, Sacramento (capital of the U.S. state of California) witnessed a giant question-mark like figure floating in the sky, leading people to believe that it was a sign from another dimension. But it turned out to be a meteor that fell through the atmosphere. And just when we thought that we were done speculating about aliens, a bright blue light in New York got people excited again.

People from various parts of New York noticed that the sky was blue and pulsating. Not knowing what was happening, they recorded it and shared it on social media.

And hence began the speculations. Some said it was Loki, some said it was Thanos and others said that it was Godzilla atomic breath.

Marvel fans who are still in the ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’ were certain that the movie was taking place in real life.

However, the reality was far from that. According to the New York Police, the light was merely a result of a transformer explosion.

If you’ve seen enough sci-fi films, you’ll know that the officials always say that there was an explosion of some sort, to cover up the existence of supernatural beings. So, in this case, there’s a 98% possibility that the police is telling the truth. And a 2% possibility that it a fight between Miles Morales and the Kingpin was going down.

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