Women With Kids Share Things They Regret Not Knowing Before Having A Baby

There are a lot of things in life that we learn only when we are in a certain situation. Interacting and having a conversation with those who have already been in our shoes often helps.

But those who haven’t had the chance to explore and research more, often end up regretting and are forced to think, ‘ye pehle pata hota toh acha hota.’

These people with kids also went on a rollercoaster ride while bringing them up and definitely regret not knowing a lot of things before having a baby.

People who’ve had children, what do you regret not knowing before having kids? from AskWomen

From ‘not feeling motherly for the infant’ to how expensive childcare is, here are some of the unsaid things that parents regretted not knowing before having kids.

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Not everyone immediately has the ‘mother’s instinct’.

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Being prepared for the good, bad and worse.

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Bonding with the infant.

It’s okay not to parent like your parents.

You might be sleep-deprived with no social life.

Parenting is tough and different for every person. New moms, here’s something you can definitely learn from their experiences.

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