India Might See Transgender Pilots On Air Soon As DGCA Issues New Norms For The Community

In July this year, the first transman pilot in the country to get a private pilot license, Adam Harry, decided to take the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) head on after they deemed him unfit to become a commercial pilot as he was undergoing hormonal therapy (HRT).


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And after years of fighting this transphobic mentality and knocking on the doors of the High Court, the 23-year-old has finally done the impossible and become a catalyst in making the aviation industry more inclusive.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has finally laid down rules for medical evaluation for the transgender community that will enable them to fly.

According to the issued guidelines, transgender candidates applying for a private pilot’s license, student’s pilot license, and commercial pilot license will be given medical clearance only if they have completed their hormone therapy and gender affirmation surgery more than five years back. They will also be required to clear screening for mental health in accordance with World Professional Association for Transgender Health, reported The Hindu.

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Moreover, those transgender applicants who have completed the treatment within the past five years will have to undergo a psychological and psychiatric evaluation. They will also be required to submit a detailed report from their treating endocrinologist as well as a report from the surgeon if there has been a surgery within the past year. It is only after the evaluation of all these documents that the applicant will be declared fit to fly.

For candidates like Adam Harry who are on life-long hormone therapy, they will be considered fit if they have reached a stable dose. Harry is overjoyed that all his hard work paid off.

“I am very happy with the DGCA’s decision. This is the first time the DGCA has changed its stance for transgender persons. This will not only encourage other transgender persons dreaming to be pilots to come out of the closet, but everyone in the community to pursue the career of their choice. It is a big win for the transgender community,” he said.


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Twitter was elated on hearing this news.

This is a massive win for the community. More power to people like Harry who are working every day to make the world more inclusive.

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