People React To Gymnast’s ‘New Flex Challenge’, Say, ‘This Is Impossible’


After making people crazy with the #BottleCapChallenge and the #ChairChallenge, the internet has yet again come up with a challenge that seems impossible to me, TBH! A gymnast named Jax Kranitz posted a video on Instagram attempting a ‘new flex challenge’. Although Jax was able to do it with ease, people (including me) think the #FlexChallenge cannot be completed without breaking a couple of bones.

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According to Metro, the rules of the challenge are quite simple.

1) You just have to lie face down on the floor with your hands behind your back.
2) Then attempt standing on your feet.

But the catch is that you cannot go on your side or your back while getting up. If that sounds simple to you, we insist you watch her doing the stunt before attempting it.

In the video, the US college gymnast is seen flaunting her flexibility and acing the challenge. And by just visualising myself doing it like her, I broke my hip and jaws in my mind!

She effortlessly flips open both her legs, slides them to the front (like a windshield wiper, LOL!) and then stands on her legs before breaking into her victory dance.

Although the challenge is impressive, people on the internet agreed that finishing this challenge without breaking a bone or spraining a muscle will need superpowers.

Well, if you are down with it, please try it under the supervision of an expert physiotherapist or orthopaedist. And don’t forget to share your victory dance with us, if at all you remain unhurt by all the stretching. Take care!

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