Never Pull A Leg Of The Friend Who Works At A Bank. This Video Will Tell You Why!


Never Mess With A Banker Friend

Moral of the story: Never pull leg of the friend who works at a bank. ūüėā

Posted by Storypick on Friday, January 19, 2018


Are you friends with a banker? Great. Are you one amongst those who try to have a laugh at the expense of the same banker friend? Oh, oh.. Now, I know it’s the unwritten rules of friendship- mocking the less fortunate, but the tables have turned my friend!¬†Gone are the days where you could poke fun at the pal working at a bank. Why you ask? Let me see… Desk with a view? Check. Work-life balance (including paddling cycles and Xbox PlayStation)? Check.¬†Spacious cubicles/workspace? CHECK!!! Yougaiz, there’s nothing you can tease them with anymore! So take the cue and don’t mess with a banker.

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