Netflix Finally Launched In India And Here Are The Most Hilarious Reactions

Couch potatoes, did you hear the good news yet? There is a new thing to make sure that the streak of laziness in you doesn’t die out untimely, and that is, Netflix!

The popular streaming service, in a global expansion move, has now been rolled out in 129 more countries. The only exception in these big countries include China, which well is China, they already have enough sources of entertainment. 😛

The reason it is so popular is because with just one subscription which starts from Rs.500 you can access high-quality global content on  iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet, Windows phones and tablets, on the web browser on a PC, Smart TV platforms, Apple TV box, Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox consoles as well as stream using a Google Chromecast supported device and Blu-Ray players. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Yet there is one problem, the Internet! Without fast Internet, the buffering may take ages and you may be stuck with popcorns in your hand till the morning. Naturally, with so much going on, people had to vent out!


Some were visibly excited


Some mocked how most won’t understand the concept of it, and even if they do, the Internet speed will surely have other plans (Because, India!)




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And obviously, India hai, censorship toh zaroori hai (Bachche bigad rahe hai)

Desperately waiting for the 9 pm debate on Arnab’s show about censorship on Netflix (Not really) 😛

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