8 Net Neutrality Posters That Perfectly Explain Why We Should Save The Internet

The hullabaloo about Net Neutrality in India is causing bigger debates and greater repercussions. On one hand, there are people raising their voices against how they want internet to be fair to them, there are a few who still have no idea about it.

Net neutrality is the concept that demands service provider to facilitate access to all the content and applications regardless of the source, without favoring, blocking or charging extra for any service. Art’oholic came up with this rather brilliant way of showing how things will change if net neutrality does not come in action.





STN     2



STN     3



STN     4



STN     5



STN     6



STN     7



STN     8

Do not allow differential pricing take over what is available for free right now. Let the consumer choose the way they want to use internet.  Internet was always built around the idea of openness and this will stop that. It does not matter what you are looking at or which website you are surfing, the services should be offered unrestricted.

If you’re still not convinced, let All India Bakchod explain you the concept in their own style. Watch this animated video for further clarification. Also read how Reddit India helped an MP write to TRAI supporting net neutrality.

Go to www.savetheinternet.in and send in your mail. It’s an easy process, and it’s worth it. #NetNeutralityIndia

Without net neutrality, the internet you know won’t exist.

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