90s Kids Slam Neha Kakkar For Remaking Falguni Pathak’s ‘Maine Payal Hai Chhankai’ & Ruining It

90s kids have grown up listening to musical classics by Falguni Pathak. We danced to it on Navratri and sang the lyrics aloud on girls’ nights. Such gems which have shaped the childhood of an entire generation should not be messed with. But alas, T-Series, Gulshan Kumar and Neha Kakkar did.


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They took Falguni Pathak’s famous song ‘Maine Payal Hai Chhankai’, rewrote the words here and there and made a remix version out of it. Neha Kakkar is the singer of the track who dances around a hot-shot guy in a slit maxi dress, making us all facepalm at what the world has come down to.

Have a look at the video here:

People online were obviously outraged at this new Neha Kakkar track. Many asked the entertainment industry to stop ruining great songs by making remixes out of them that no one asked for.

While Falguni Pathak hasn’t made an official statement regarding the issue, she did take to her Instagram Stories to share many comments by people asking her to sue the makers of the remix.

Here’s the original classic that no number of remixes can match up to:

How many of our childhood favourites will get ruined?

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