Neha Dhupia On Her 2nd Pregnancy, Angad’s Reaction & Preparing Mehr For A Sibling

Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi announced their second pregnancy today on social media. Posting a lovely picture along with their daughter Mehr, the two revealed the big news.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Neha Dhupia spilt the beans on her pregnancy. She spoke about conceiving a child during the ongoing pandemic and how hard it turned out to be. She revealed that during the early months of her pregnancy, Angad tested positive for Covid-19.

“Hard is an understatement. It was a lot that we went through. It’s always hard when someone around you gets Covid-19, and harder when you’re pregnant, but Angad was the one who helped me stay positive in that period,” she said.

She spoke about how she tried to keep her surrounding environment controlled, from gearing Mehr up for the baby to being more cautious than they were the first time. But her experience still has been overwhelming.

“The one thing that overwhelms me is the world we’re living in. There’s a lot of uncertainty that goes into your head, like are we bringing our child into a safe zone or not. But as a mum, you always have that in your mind, if you’re good enough. These are some of the questions that overwhelm you,” she said.

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She went on to reveal Angad’s reaction when he first got to know about the second pregnancy.

“It was full of excitement and joy. It’s between amazed, amused and happy. We looked at each other (and realised) that this is what we wanted and we got.”

Apparently, Mehr knows that she is about to become an elder sister! Neha Dhupia added how Mehr is “intuitive” about the baby.

“Kids are very intuitive, I also show her little babies and tell her that she’ll have a sibling soon. She has kept a pet name for the baby and I make sure she does rub on my belly and is aware. She’s padded with so much love between her grandparents and her parents that we also have to prepare her that she’d have to share everything, including mummy and daddy time. That’s something which is going to be hard for us to prepare her for.”

We wish the happy family all the very best!

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