“As Soon As You Give Birth, You Feel That Void”: Neha Dhupia On Postpartum Stress

Actor Neha Dhupia recently opened up about experiencing postpartum stress after giving birth to daughter Mehr in November 2018, six months after marrying actor Angad Bedi. She talked about feeling a “void” because her body was different, and revealed her thoughts about going back to pre-pregnancy shape again.

She explained, “I have never shied away from the fact that I felt like I was going through…sometimes, it was a new feeling; sometimes, it felt like I was going through something; sometimes, I felt like I was going through a lot. All of that put together…later on, I understood that it is all postpartum. whether it is feeling extremely emotional or extremely low.”

She added, “For me, the biggest thing is, as soon as you give birth, you feel that void because your body is different, you question whether you are going to go back to being… Especially, people like us, who are so used to being in front of the camera. As much as we own our bodies and own the life that we are living, apne andar se ek ehsaas hota hai ki (there is a feeling within that) will I go back to what I was or will I go back to being at least what I want to be? There is a beautiful saying, which is that everyone is there to hug the baby but who is there to hug the mom.”

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Previously, she slammed a magazine that tried to fat-shame her for her post-pregnancy weight gain. She spoke about body positivity saying that “Your weight doesn’t define you.” In another instance, she also smashed breastfeeding taboos and spoke about milk production and new dads.

Kudos to Neha for bringing light to these issues that many mothers face!

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