Neha Dhupia On Going Back To Work While She Was Pregnant & Teaching Kids To Be Real

Everyone was over the moon when Bollywood actor Neha Dhupia and her husband and actor Angad Bedi announced their pregnancy months after their wedding.

A couple of years later, they announced the arrival of their second child. And now, the couple is proud parents of two little munchkins, 3-year-old daughter Mehr, and 4-months-old son Guriq.


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The past few years were definitely a roller coaster ride for them. However, Neha juggled through raising kids and work with the support of her husband and their families.

In a recent interview, the ‘Lust Stories’ actor divulged that she went back to work while she was in the second trimester of her pregnancy and how the industry welcomed her with open arms.

“I was hired for the job when I was not pregnant. So, when you go back to the director to inform him that by the time we begin shooting, I will be six months pregnant, it is a tough meeting,” The Indian Express quoted her saying.

“I think my biggest support was my husband who sat with me in the meeting and was like, ‘If it goes well. It’ll be a great moment to be a part of.’ But he also said that he will be there for me even if the conversation takes another direction where they say that this is not something that we’re looking for.”


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She adds that she is thankful to the makers for being so supportive. “These bunch of boys were like- ‘It doesn’t matter if you’re pregnant. It’s not like cops are not pregnant. We are going to work with you no matter what.’ So, that was huge,” Neha said.

This is when she realized that the Hindi film industry has started valuing talent and moved beyond the typical representation of a female actor. “If not now, then when? I am blessed because when I wanted to do mainstream commercial cinema. When I wanted to do films like ‘Mithya’, ‘Ek Chalis Ki Last Local’ or ‘Phass Gaye Re Obama’, those were doing well.”

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“And now I am part of films that are backed or padded up with women, which is so great. Plus, today, age, size and all those things are not like the career-ending stamps anymore. And that’s what makes it better. Just so glad the industry is moving forward with the times.” (sic)


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Revisiting her struggling days, Neha shared that the newcomers in the industry are well-prepared unlike her when she entered the industry. “Today, people are accessible. You have an idea or guidance on who to meet. You follow people’s paths and journeys on social media, which I wish was around during my time.”

“But apart from that, my journey has been such a hustle. And if I ever had to sit back and think, I genuinely have no regrets. I feel like everything has been working in my favor. I’m a new mom, I am working, everyone’s healthy and fine, and I’m literally married to my best friend. So, films coming or going, getting supporting or main lead, nothing matters in the long run.”

“What will matter is the values you give to your children as a parent, the name and respect you earned for yourself as an actor.”


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Talking about raising kids in the current times, she said, “Very early in my life or in my career, I decided I’m going to be myself. And that’s the lesson I’m trying to teach even my children. Whatever you do, be yourself. Don’t shy away from who you are. But you should know where to draw the line. You should know what your limits are. And most importantly, you should know when to say no. The first word I taught my daughter was ‘bass.’ So, she knew where to draw the line and those are the children I want to raise,” Neha shared.

She also has some advice for new parents, “My only advice is that even if you spend very little time with your children, make sure that the time is focused.”

“And I feel like young working independent parents raise smart independent children. So, they see us and they learn from what we’re doing and they know that a large part of is for them.”

There is so much to learn from this new mommy. Can’t wait to see you nail the role of a pregnant cop in your upcoming movie.

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