Neha Dhupia Slams Magazine Trying To Fat-Shame Her For Post-Pregnancy Weight Gain

Being “hormonal” after pregnancy is normal. Hair fall after pregnancy is normal. Everything starting from skin change to sleep deprivation is normal. Weight gain after pregnancy IS THE MOST normal. Women carry another human being inside them for god’s sakes!

But somehow some people think it’s okay to shame a woman for these post-partum symptoms!

It’s especially female celebs who have to face the insensitive blow of public shaming for weight gain after pregnancy. Aishwarya to Bebo, each of these stunning actors has been fat-shamed. And the recent victim to this was Neha Dhupia.

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An online magazine called ‘Fashion Central’ thought it fitting to body-shame Neha Dhupia for her post-pregnancy weight gain because OMG, what is a woman without a skinny body?

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Neha took on her Twitter to post the above picture and slammed the magazine and everyone trying to troll her with a perfect reply:

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Brownie points for captioning her tweet “Thank you, next!” after Ariana Grande’s new and ever so popular single, because we all know what that bomb means!

Immediately after the post went live. Twitterati stepped up and showed their full support:

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On November 20th last year, Neha and hubby Angad Bedi had been blessed with a beautiful baby girl and they shared the news on social media with the cutest picture!

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Mehr Dhupia Bedi says hello to the world … ❤️

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(Can’t believe we still have to spell this out) Pregnancy and post-partum anyway take a toll on women. It’s crazy enough that she has to take care of a tiny human when she can barely take care of herself during this time. So please don’t go out of your way to make things harder for her!

Thank you, next!

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