“Your Weighing Scale Doesn’t Define You,” Neha Dhupia Speaks Of Body Positivity

You are beautiful irrespective of your shape or size. However, sadly women are often subjected to body shaming especially during their pregnancy. In fact, even celebrities are not spared from this horror. Last year, Neha Dhupia was body-shamed by a magazine for her post-pregnancy weight gain. Say, what now?!

Well, while the actress had given a befitting reply back then, she has now shared an empowering message on body positivity. Neha spoke about how she feared she would lose her job due to her weight gain, reports TOI. She revealed how she would look at her old pictures and feel unworthy as she was out of shape.

Neha, who had gained 23 kgs, said it took her a while to be proud and comfortable in her own skin, reports India Today. She even shared a social media post saying it is important to be “kind to yourself and your body as your weighing scale doesn’t define you.”

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She also shared a clip from the auditions of ‘Roadies Revolution’ talking about how we should always embrace ourselves the way we are. In the video, she said how irrespective of her appearance, the channel included her in the show.

We 1000% agree with Neha. No one can ever judge your true beauty. You do you, boo!

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