Neetu Kapoor Recalls Pre-Dating Days With Rishi Kapoor, Says She Was His Wingwoman

It has been 11 months since veteran actor Rishi Kapoor lost his life to cancer. Professionally, we know his almost 50-year-long journey in Bollywood beginning with ‘Mera Naam Joker’ which released on December 18, 1970. Having said that, there are many aspects of his personal life that we aren’t aware of.

According to DNA India, in an episode of Indian Idol 12, Neetu Kapoor recalled her pre-dating days with her late husband saying,

“I was Rishi’s wing-woman and always helping him in impressing girls until we started dating. Rishi found me very cute and sweet and we used to call each other Bob.”

The couple got married in 1980 but when did they realize they liked each other? According to HT, the actress opened up about this moment by adding,

“He was in Paris whereas I was in Kashmir, shooting, and suddenly I got a telegram from Rishi saying he misses me and loves me.”

Friendships that turn into romantic relationships and lifelong marriages are the best, don’t you think?

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