The Trailer Of “Neerja” Based On Karachi Hijack of 1986 Is Out And It Looks Compelling

On 5th September 1986, an aircraft carrying 360 passengers was hijacked by the terrorists. Neerja Bhanot, the senior most crew leader on the flight saved many lives on the flight by showing unprecedented bravery and lost her life in the process. In two days she would have turned 23.

And now, 29 years after that heartbreaking incident, we will get to see what a brilliant and vivacious person Neerja was through the Fox Star India biopic Neerja.

The trailer by FoxStarHindi looks promising. Ram Madhvani’s direction and the presence of a veteran actor like Shabana Azmi (playing the Neerja’s mother) give a depth to the trailer that increases our anticipation for the film. After watching the trailer, one can’t help but feel curious for how she must have gathered so much courage.

Check it out!

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