After Winning Silver, Neeraj Chopra Congratulated Pak Athlete Arshad Nadeem For His Throw

After scripting history by winning a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics for Javelin Throw last year, Neeraj Chopra decided to move abroad to focus on his training and improve his skill. This is the level of dedication he has toward his sport.


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Apart from that, he’s a commendable sportsperson who takes his craft so seriously that it recently helped him write history again by being the second Indian to win a medal at the ‘World Athletics Championships’.

According to NDTV, by registering a throw of 88.13m in his fourth attempt, Neeraj was able to win the silver medal at the coveted competition.


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A post shared by Neeraj Chopra (@neeraj____chopra)

Despite winning accolades back to back, he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body or an ounce of overconfidence in him. His humbleness can be seen in the way he supports and interacts with his peers and competitors.

After winning the silver medal, Neeraj spoke to Pakistani athlete Arshad Nadeem and congratulated him for a great throw in the final.

“I spoke to Arshad after the competition ended. I told him that he did very well. He replied that he had issues with his elbow. I further congratulated him for a great throw and it was a great comeback from his injury and it was commendable that he threw the javelin over 86 metres,” Neeraj reportedly said to him.

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This is not the first time that Neeraj stood for Arshad. Earlier, he slammed trolls for using his statements against Arshad. However, despite adding so many feathers to his cap, Neeraj is disappointed with his performance and wants to better his skills in order to turn the silver into gold in the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

You have so much humility, respect for your competitors, and a strict training regime, you’re definitely going to win the gold.

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