Neena Gupta’s Message On International Women’s Day Is Something All Men Should Understand

You are most definitely biased if you do not agree to the fact that this judgemental world is much more harsh on women than it is on men. But still, women continue to prove us wrong and reach outstanding heights of success.

And therefore, the date of 8th March, which is considered to be the International Women’s Day, is celebrated all over the world to honor and tribute these courageous souls, their extraordinary achievements and rights.

Taking the occasion, Bollywood actress Neena Gupta penned down a message for the men of this world.

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Proud to wear masaba s saree

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In a beautiful post, the 49-year-old asked men to change their behavior towards women. She urged men to be more kind, affectionate, loving and sensitive to women and not to force them to do things against their wish. Putting forward a humble request, Neena Gupta hoped that the men get along with the changes brought about by the women.

“It’s very rare to see that a woman has a happy day, especially in India. On this women’s day, I request our men to be kind, affectionate, loving, sensitive to women. Give them the equal status they deserve, don’t think they are less than you. Don’t let them beg you for anything they rightfully deserve, don’t force them to have sex with you, don’t be rude, don’t exert your power on them and do not demean them because women are changing man, they’re changing…they’re.”

Here is the post:

She couldn’t have put her words better. Take note, gentlemen!

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