#NDTVGirlAsks IMF Chief If ‘Hindu Males’ Alone Will Benefit From India’s Growth


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Chief, Christine Lagarde visited India on Monday. In a public interaction in New Delhi, giving a background to her question, Forima said after Modi had come to power there has been a disturbing rise of communalism and patriarchy in the country.

Forima managed to silence Lagarde momentarily when she asked if the haul of the Indian economic growth, which the IMF was setting at 7.5%, would be inclusive or be concentrated to the ‘Hindu male’ population only.

Whatever that means.

Obviously, the ‘insightful question’ spread like wildfire on social media with people coming up with interesting memes on the event


That expression


Sounds legit


That awkward moment when…





The evergreen CID reference


A clever Lifebuoy remark. Nirma promotes female child, too bad you can’t use it on your skin.

And she’s been nicknamed the #NDTVGirl. Well earned, girl.

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