NBA Player Mocked Coronavirus & Touched Every Mic To Prove A Point, He’s Now Tested Positive


People around the world have their own ways to tackle the coronavirus outbreak. Some are chanting bhajans to lift spirits during the pandemic, some others are burning ‘Coronasur’ effigy. Also, some others are totally dismissing the danger of the outbreak and believe it is over-hyped.

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One such person who doesn’t believe in the gravity of the virus is NBA’s Rudy Gobert. In fact, he also mocked the deadly virus at a recent press conference and touched every mic on the podium to prove his point. Days later, he has been diagnosed with coronavirus, reports NY Post. What a twisted turn of events!

NBA has also suspended its season as Gobert tested positive for coronavirus. This only further reinforces the fact that you must take every precaution you can to keep yourself from contracting the virus. Use masks, hand sanitizers, wash your hands thoroughly, avoid public gatherings and take serious measures recommended by doctors and the government to avoid contracting the disease.

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Until then, we hope Gobert gets well soon and returns to the court!

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