Vikas Khanna Asks How People Can Forget Their Native Language After 2 Years In US, Twitter Responds


A few days back, Michelin Star chef Vikas Khanna shut down a US politician who tweeted that migrants from third world countries can’t integrate into civil societies. Now, he has raised another point involving them – accents and native language! He tweeted that he couldn’t fathom how people moving to the US could forget their mother tongue in a mere two years.

Many Twitter users shared similar experiences in a light vein where people spoke in made-up accents not after moving to another country but after vacationing there or even attending a 5-day seminar!

Others dissected the matter seriously attributing a lack of confidence, insecurities, inferiority complex, and show off as the reasons for the same.

Do you agree with the suggestion that instead of trying to become someone else, we should take pride in our roots? Tell us!

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