Nat Geo’s ‘Planet Or Plastic’ Edition Comes With A Plastic Wrapping & Twitter Spots The Irony

Countries and governments have been forced to rethink policies as plastic pollution poses one of the biggest challenges faced by the world right now. Around 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean every year resulting in the death of marine animals and absorbing chemicals with a high range of chronic effects.

However, you must be aware of Nat Geo’s ‘Planet or Plastic’ movement where the network has been making sincere efforts to raise awareness about the consequences of using plastic and help minimalize the value of the non-biodegradable material.

But here we have a Twitter user, who found out a flaw in the brand’s effort.

A user named Luiz Rocha took to share a snap of  Nat Geo’s latest magazine edition which came wrapped in two layers of plastic. Ironically, the edition stresses upon the ‘Planet or Plastic’ campaign and the cover also has the same.

“Humanity in a nutshell, the NatGeo magazine about ocean plastic pollution comes wrapped in a plastic bag inside another plastic bag.”

National Geographic was quick to spot the tweet and come up with a clarification from their side. In a reply to the man’s status, the American television network stated that the UK, US and Indian versions of the magazines have already been shifted to paper wrapping while the rest of the global editions will be shifted soon.

People expressed their concerns over the matter but hopefully, NG will undo the wrong soon.

Though Nat Geo’s answer seemed a legit one, a round of applause goes for the man for identifying the boo-boo!