Nasser Hussain Asks Pak If They Support England Against India & They Say ‘Neighbours First’!


While there’s a massive divide between India and Pakistan when it comes to politics, the two nations beautifully unite when it comes down to their love for cricket! But there’s also another factor which unites the two – their mutual unpleasant feelings towards England, if you know what I mean!

So when the former captain of England’s cricket team, Nasser Hussain, took to Twitter to ask Pakistanis whom they’ll be supporting for Sunday’s match – India or England, things got a little interesting!

Now that’s a tricky question to ask considering the India-Pakistan ever-increasing rivalry, or one would think. But what happened next was completely heartwarming!

Pakistani’s around the world said they would support India, undoubtedly!

This is definitely the best thing on the internet today!

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