Naseeruddin Shah’s Powerful Video Addresses Those Celebrating Taliban’s Return, People React

Last week, terrifying visuals of Kabul airport took over social media as Afghan nationals attempted to flee the city following Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan. While many innocents lost their lives, there were serious questions raised about the freedoms cherished by women and children in Afghanistan. 

These concerns intensified after an Afghan female journalist was allegedly barred from going to work by Taliban. Amid this Actor Naseeruddin Shah appears to be addressing those who are rejoicing in the takeover of Afghanistan in a video of his that surfaced online.

He can be seen conveying his disappointment in those who celebrated the takeover and asking them to ponder over what they truly seek.

“If they want a reformed, modern Islam (jiddat pasandi modernity), or are content living with the old barbarism (vaishipan) of the past centuries,” Naseeruddin Shah can be heard saying. 

People online were moved by his sentiments. Here is how they responded to his clip-

What do you think of his stance on the issue? Tell us.

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