India-Pak Fans Unite To Praise Naseem Shah Who Humbly Accepted His Weak English-Speaking Skills

Knowingly, or unknowingly, desis have made speaking in English a standard. Knowing how to speak English well is considered synonymous with being intelligent and educated. And those who speak in their mother tongue and other regional languages are often bullied by people in our society.

When it comes to cricketers, they are expected to speak English to the dot while interacting with journalists during press conferences and interviews. However, Pakistani cricketer Naseem Shah recently proved that there is no harm in not being able to speak in English.


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Ahead of Pakistan’s series against the touring English side, Naseem Shah, at a press conference, humbly accepted that his English-speaking skills aren’t that great. According to Times Now, he tried to answer as many questions as he could in Hindi but there was this one journalist who asked for his opinion on James Anderson, who is one of the finest bowlers in the world.

“He is a legend and he did a lot of hard work. We have learned a lot of things from him and whenever we meet, we discuss a few things. He is 40 years old, he is still fit and playing so that shows the amount of hard work he is putting in,” he said in English.

But when the journalist started asking another question in English, Naseem Shah respectfully said, “Brother, I have just 30% English, it’s finished now.”

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His hilarious response united Indian and Pakistani cricket fans who not just lauded his humility but also pointed out that his job is to play cricket well and not speak exemplary English.

Maybe we all can learn some level of confidence from him!

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