PM Modi Receives A Framed Pic Of PM Modi At Narendra Modi Stadium, Desis Call It ‘Modiception’

Nothing goes unnoticed by the hawk-like eyes of people online. Recently, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi met with the Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Norman Albanese, and both of them watched the fourth Test match between India and Australia at the Narendra Modi stadium AKA the Motera stadium in Ahmedabad.

During their meeting, both politicians climbed up a bespoke vehicle and went around the ground waving at the spectators.

It was during this event that PM Narendra Modi was felicitated with a photo of himself by BCCI secretary Jay Shah.

Interestingly, Anthony Albanese was also given a photo frame of his picture by BCCI President, Roger Binny.

The two Prime Ministers also celebrated 75 years of friendship through cricket.

While the intention behind the event was laudable, people online were having a good laugh thinking of the person who thought it would be appropriate to give PM Modi a photo frame of himself at Narendra Modi stadium.

Since BCCI secretary Jay Shah is the son of PM Modi’s close aid Amit Shah, people also called out their obsession with Narendra Modi with memes.

Take a look:


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Arey yaar, aesa momento kon deta hai?

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