BJP Sweeps Karnataka Elections And Twitter Is Celebrating With Polltastic Memes

Time and time again we’ve heard this statement that India is a country that never runs out of elections. There are just too many types: executive, union, state & elections to local bodies. However, since this is the system that has kept India’s democracy afloat, it’s the one we’ve to live with.

So, recently the Karnataka elections took place and as usual, it was Narendra Modi versus Rahul Gandhi. It was a long drawn out battle but once the dust settled, the results clearly showed that Modi had pulled through again, with leads in as many as 112 seats. And since Rahul had made many tall claims, Twitter came to rub salt in his wounds via memes.

Here are some of the most hilarious ones.

1. Avengers: Karnataka War.

2. Such bromance, much wow.

3. He looks thin.

4. Whoa!

5. Run for your lives!

6. Shakespeare is rolling in his grave.

7. He’s in your mind.

8. Keh ke le liya.

9. Arre Nagarpalika ko bulao.

10. Baahubali: The Election.

11. Zor ka jhatka, zor se lage.

12. Meme within a meme? Too meta.

13. Game of kudsis.

14. You had one job, Rahul.

15. True.

As mentioned before, elections have become a part and parcel of our life. And since allegiances vary from person to person, there’s every possibility of becoming way too invested in it. However, thanks to these memes, we can keep politics healthy. So, which one of these memes are your favourite?