WhatsApp Message Linking Bitcoin To Narendra Modi Is Hilarious AF!


Ever since Narendra Modi became the elected Prime Minister of India, everything that happens in the country, and now apparently, everything that happens universally, is linked back to his ‘schemes’. Some people find reasons to thrash him and spread rumours about his ‘evil plans’. While others find innovative ways to heap praises on him, mostly through rumors.

The most recent one to make the rounds linking Modi to something completely irrelevant is the Bitcoin WhatsApp forward that got us ROFL-ing, literally.

Brace yourself!

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By the end of it, I was exactly this:

Although the person started off really well, trying to explain Bitcoin which is in the news every single day, he/she went completely bonkers trying to link it back to ‘ancient Vedas’ and eventually Modi.

And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Everyone is losing it. See for yourself, if you don’t believe me.

1. Absolutely agree.


2. Please try, we’d love to read it!

3. Can’t ruin a good story.

4. 😀

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5. Yeah, black money is so over-rated!

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6. “Little bit of creativity”? I think this more than ‘a little’.

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If you ask me, the fakeass message sounds like a brilliant plot for historical-sci-fi-political fiction movie. Heck, I might only write a book on it and make some good money.

But to the person who came up with this brilliant (not) story about Bitcoin and how it is Modi’s plan to get back all the ‘black money’, you sure made us laugh with this hilarious message.

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