Nannies Talk About Kids Who Think Of Them As Their Besties In Adorable Twitter Thread


Kids are really precious, aren’t they? They’re quick at making friends and love deeply. More importantly, they don’t have any of our cynicism and are somewhat unaware of capitalism.

Recently, a Twitter user who works as a nanny shared what the kids she takes care of think of their relationship and it is truly heart-meltingly sweet. Unaware of the monetary aspects of the babysitting job, the kids feel that the nanny hangs out with them as they are besties.

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Several others in the profession recounted stories of kids asking them what their job was and why they couldn’t stay at their homes permanently. When some of them found out, they were quite hurt. Even kindergarten teachers had similar experiences where the students thought they lived in the school and played with children every day for fun. Take a look.

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They’ll find out eventually but until then, can we just keep it a secret (like the Tooth Fairy) because these kids are too adorable!

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