85-YO Nanaji From Gujarat Buys His 1st Car After The Success Of His Post-Retirement Start-up

Just when you think your life has no meaning, there comes a situation that changes your life and thinking drastically. When this 85-year-old nanaji from Gujarat retired, he didn’t just sit back reminiscing the good old days.

In fact, Radha Krishan Choudhary kickstarted his post-retirement startup with his wife Shakuntala Choudhary (79) in June 2021.

The elderly couple established an ayurvedic hair care company that blew up online in just six months. Mr. Choudhary started investing his time and efforts in researching a hair care product that would reduce hair fall after his daughter suffered from significant hair loss. The research went on for a year and finally, he was able to birth a concoction catering to this issue.

“My daughter, now my business partner, suffered from severe hair loss and asked me to find a cure. After studying the subject for almost a year, I made a concoction of herbal oils that helped my daughter reduce hair fall and improve the texture of her hair,” the 85-year-old explained.

After his business flourished, he achieved another milestone and bought a car at the age of 85 and started a factory for his company.

The proud co-owner of Avimee Herbal says that it was his belief and hard work that made him an overnight success after 25 years.

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“When the going was getting tough and people were publicly calling us a ‘scam’, what kept us going? BELIEF. We knew what we were doing is right and that kept us motivated.”

He also credits his family for it. “Do not underestimate the power of teamwork. During the initial days, all of my family came together to help me. This would not have been possible without them.”

Clearly, there’s no right time or age to work on your dreams. Start now!

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