Nairobi From ‘Money Heist’ Plays Andhra Woman, Speaks Fluent Telugu In Old Spanish Film


Although the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to stay at home, it has also given me the opportunity to catch up on all the movies and series that I couldn’t watch earlier. Netflix and chill have become my thing and like many others, I have been hooked to ‘Money Heist’. Soon, Nairobi AKA Alba Flores instantly became my favourite.

Well, here’s another reason to be in awe of this wonderfully talented actor. We recently found footages in which Alba was seen speaking fluent Telugu. Yeah, that’s right!

According to Hindustan Times, Alba played the role of a woman from Andhra Pradesh in the Spanish film ‘Vicente Ferrer’ in 2013.

Videos of her scenes from the film have been shared on social media. In one of the videos, she was seen wearing a sari and a bindi.

Image Source

And as expected, her Indian fans fell for her, all over again. Here’s how they reacted.

Here’s the video:

It was an absolute delight to watch her speak Telugu so fluently. She is indeed one of the most talented actors. Hope to see more of her.

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