After Ludhiana, Nagpur Police Offers Women Safe Ride In Police Vehicle From 9PM To 5AM

After the horrific incident of the brutal rape and murder of a 26-year-old woman in Hyderabad, women across the country are afraid. Every day a woman steps out of the house, she is in fear of danger. She tries wrapping up work early so that she can exit her workplace at a decent hour to be safe from sexual predators strolling the streets. While safe streets for women seems like a distant dream, certain safety initiatives do make us feel relieved.

Recently, Ludhiana police decided to offer rides to women between 10PM to 6AM to ensure they safely return home at night. Following their footsteps, Nagpur Police has decided to provide transport facilities for women stranded at night between 9PM to 5AM, reports The New Indian Express.

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As per the directive, a woman is to dial ‘100’ and ask for a safety ride back home between 9PM to 5AM if she finds herself at a particular place without safe means of transport. Then a beat marshal will reach the spot and give her a ride to her destination.

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For extra safety, a female police officer will be present inside the vehicle.

Police commissioner Bhushan Kumar Upadhyay said that this initiative will try to help women gain their confidence back which was shaken after the Hyderabad incident.

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The Nagpur police also have anti-eve-teasing Damini squads, women’s safety committees, and ‘Bharosa Cells’ to aid a woman in times of need. Officials also patrol the streets from 8PM and 11PM and keep an eye on secluded lanes.

More cities should start this initiative and provide women with certain benefits which ensure their safety. The country is far from being a safe space for women. Till then, strict measures need to be taken for women’s security.

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