Locals Perform “Nagin Dance” To Protest Against Govt. Officials. It Happens Only In India!


When things don’t work out the way they should be, ‘Gandhigiri’ stands out to be the last resort!

In a strikingly bizzare way,  8 workers of the National Congress Party countered the Public Works Department (PWD) officials by performing an impromptu “Naagin” dance in Maharashtra’s Buldhana district to show dissatisfaction against the progress of the work.

The ‘Naagin Dance’ was performed in front of senior officials disrupting their meeting at the PWD headquarters in Buldhana.


Some locals from Buldhana district couldn’t bear with the poor infrastructure issue.

According to reports, the PWD department had given a contract for the construction of a road and a footpath to the Eagle Construction Company. The NCP workers claimed that the project was to be completed in two years, but it remains unfinished even after four years.


And this was the feedback that these ‘Naagin’ dancers received on Twitter:



Hope this Gandhigiri works for some good! 😉

News Source: ANI

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