Coimbatore Sweet Shop Claims Their Mysurpa Can Cure COVID-19, License Cancelled & Owner Booked


With the rising cases of COVID-19 infections across the world, people are waiting for a coronavirus-curing vaccine/medicine. Samples of ‘Covaxin’, a vaccine created by Bharat Biotech, has given hope to medics and is currently undergoing testing. However, as of now, there is no certified vaccine or medicine that has been declared to fight the virus.

Therefore, when a sweet shop owner in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, claimed that his ‘Mysurpa’ or ‘Mysore Pak’ can cure COVID-19, he was in for trouble!

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According to News18, Sriram, who owns ‘Sri Ram Vilas Nellai Lala Sweets’, had put flyers everywhere near his shop claiming that his Mysurpa can cure COVID-19. The flyers also said that he is willing to share the recipe with PM Modi for free.

The advertisement further claimed that the Mysurpa would taste bitter at first for those who have contracted the virus. However, the sweetness would develop after the “immunity-boosters kicked in”.

According to TNIE, the shop was willing to give the sweet for free to people showing COVID-19 symptoms, as per the flyer.

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“We are ready to give this formula to the government free of cost. We will give it to PM Modi. If he wants us to work with the central team for a year, I am ready for it, without expecting a salary,” Sriram had said.

When FSSAI (Food Safety and Security Authority of India) authorities were alerted about this, they were quick to pay a visit and suspend the shop’s licence. The shop has been sealed and 120 kg of Mysurpa worth Rs 1 lakh has been seized.

“This is a clear violation of the Epidemic Disease Act, 1897. At a time when the state government is sensitising the public about the measures to contain the virus spread, this advertisement could deceive people,” said the Deputy Director of Health Services.

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A similar case had happened in Kolkata where a sweet shop was selling ‘immunity sandesh’ to fight coronavirus.


Please stay cautious and do not fall for such claims!

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