Pure Veg Husband Asks Wife To Choose Between Him & Mutton As She’s Been Eating It Secretly

The debate between vegetarians and non-vegetarian is never-ending. Both the groups will have justifications validating their choice of food. But what if a vegetarian marries a girl who he assumed was a vegetarian but secretly eats meat? Who will she choose? Meat or marriage?

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This is precisely what happened with this couple. A man recently wrote to a columnist at a newspaper sharing about his bizarre love triangle. In his plea, the anonymous man wrote that he’s a vegetarian and married a woman whom he thought was also a vegetarian.

“But she has confessed that she loves mutton and eats out. Since she was very beautiful, I agreed to marry her on the condition that she will never have mutton again anywhere.”

But the man came to know that his wife was cheating on him with meat.

“But recently, I came to know that she has still been eating mutton secretly outside. Now she says she loves mutton and can’t live without it.”

The distressed man further added that he’s ready to forgive his wife for eating the food she loves dearly. Apparently, he has also given her an ultimatum and asked her to choose between him and meat. “It’s mutton or me. Make a choice.” While he’s strongly taken this step, he dreads that his wife would choose mutton over him. “It will be very embarrassing.”

In the column, the pure veg man asked the writer, “What do you think will she choose?”

Like us, even the writer was stunned on hearing about this new-age love triangle. This is how he responded to his stressed reader:

“Congratulations, you just set a new record. This is the first love triangle where the girl has to choose between a man and a goat. As for who she will choose- one can live without love but not without food. Take a guess.”

The paper clipping that was shared by a Twitter user has scores of responses.

This is what people online thought the wife would choose:

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Well, the husband in question really underestimated the power of food. He could have silently let his wife live her life and eat mutton, sparing himself the embarrassment.

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