Muslims Offering Fruits & Milk To Shiva Devotees At A Temple In Kanpur Is Heartwarming!

Several instances of communal tension in recent times in cities like Delhi and Kanpur have been a cause for concern. But a ray of hope amid all the chaos is a group of Muslims at Jajmau’s Siddhanth Ghat Shiv temple in Kanpur who did something truly praiseworthy.

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On the auspicious day of the first Somvar (Monday) of Shrawan month where hundreds of devotees visit the Shiva temple and observe fast to worship the Lord, this group of Muslims decided to welcome the ‘bhakts’ by offering them fruits, juice, water and milk.

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They also extended their greeting for the festival to the devotees who visited the temple. The initiative was ideated by the management of Kanpur Samaj Samiti, known for working to maintain Ganga- Jamuni tehzeeb in the city.

Touched by the heartwarming gesture of their fellow friends from a different community, the devotees praised the efforts of the Kanpur Samaj Samiti.

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“Amid communal strife and religious disharmony, the instances of communal harmony really present a ray of hope for a peaceful future, and for this, we praise the efforts of the president of Kanpur Samaj Samiti Anwar Husain,” they said.

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The President of the Samiti, Anwar Husain also extended his regards and expressed that we should respect all religions the way we respect our own.

“India is home to many religions and all religions preach compassion, love for human beings and virtues. We should respect all religions the way we respect our own religion since the message of all religions is the same.”

Communal strifes in the country are decades old. But it is satisfying to see that there are people who still believe in brotherhood and being compassionate to fellow countrymen no matter their religious beliefs.

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