Muslim Man Shows Friendship Has No Boundaries And Performs Last Rites Of A Hindu Friend

Real friendship is not weakened by age, gender, caste, religion or region. It flourishes on these factors instead.

A case of remarkable friendship was seen in Betul district, Madhya Pradesh between Razzak Khan Tikari and Santosh Singh who had been friends for years.

Sadly Santosh had a chronic illness and he passed away on September 20.

After Santosh’s demise, his wife was struggling in financial crisis and was not able to arrange last rites for him. That’s when Razzak Khan stepped in the picture. He not just provided for the financials required but also performed the last rites for his friend.

Image source
Image source

He followed all the traditions of Hindu customs and cremated his friend. Razzak strongly feels that religion has nothing to do with their friendship. He is deeply saddened by the loss of his friend and didn’t have any second thoughts before bidding a final farewell to his friend Santosh.

That’s rising above the boundaries, that is being secular in true practice.

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People can learn a lesson from him.

News Source: Daily Bhaskar

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