This American Muslim’s Tweet About The 2nd Presidential Debate Won The Internet!


The second Presidential debate in the course of American election 2016, which is gaining a worldwide attention for not so good reasons, took place last night. The Republican candidate, Donald Trump and Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton came face to face for the second time and it still looked like it was an argument between a kid in kindergarten and his teacher. Both made mistakes and one decided to be a child about it. He kept interrupting her, spoke over her, loomed around the stage behind her and what not.

A Muslim woman in the audience asked what would be their policy as the President of United States of America, on the widespread Islamophobia and Trump royally responded with this.

“When they see hatred going on, they have to report it.”

This aware citizen, a writer and a professor at New York’s Brooklyn college, decided to take the matter to the social media and tweeted this out about Trump’s demeanor in last night’s debate.

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Here are the reactions he got which made him the real champion of the debate!

1. Shonda Rhimes, the queen of drama says it!


2. An aware citizen!


3. You go rockstar!



4. McGonagall approves.


5. Drop the mic!


6. So would I. 😉


7. You, Sir, deserve it!


8. Predator alert!


9. Someone said it.


10. Trump scares people.

This game just keeps getting more and more interesting! (depressing is also a word you can use here.)

Source : The Indian Express

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