4 Musicians Performing With Dhamakedar Expressions On Stage Become Fodder For Memes

Most of us keep updating our social media feeds with videos and pictures that we think are worth sharing. But in the current times, one really needs to be extra careful while posting anything online- firstly, because of privacy concerns and secondly, to avoid being the next trending meme.

Just after the ‘pawri ho rai hai’ video, another hilarious clip of enthusiastic musicians has taken over Twitter by storm. In the video, four men dressed in similar outfits can be seen playing different musical instruments with full zeal.

They can be seen vibing and jamming with their instruments on the stage and their energy is definitely contagious. The hilarious short clip soon became fodder for memes with people associating different life situations with them.

While some said that’s how employees enthusiastically perform before their appraisal, others compared them to splattering jeera in hot oil.

Here are some of the hilarious memes handpicked for you:

Is it just me or even you can’t stop re-watching the musicians putting up such an energetic and lively performance? We love it. What about you?

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