Mumbaikars Share Their Worst Hookup & Date Stories On Reddit

Love and dating is not all butterflies and rainbows as many movies and books show them to be. Most times it’s about a disappointing series of dates, heartbreaks, and sloppy kisses before you find ‘the one’. And now, since our generation is exposed to dating apps, there are more chances of dates and relationships going downhill in many ways than one would expect.

Hence, you will find stories by people describing their worst hookups. For example, Mumbaikars on Reddit under the subreddit r/Mumbai have been sharing some embarrassing, some funny, and some heartbreaking stories of their dates and hookups going wrong.

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Have a look:

I hope people never get stood up at a bustling railway station.

When your date just wants free food. Girl, get your own food.


Shame. Shame. Shame.

If you have to cancel a date, make sure it’s not minutes before the actual date.

Learn to take the hint, dude!

The fact that people want to hook up with others despite having a partner and then openly proclaim it…


The fact that people already in a live-in relationship want to hook up with others… *facepalms with both hands*

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but stop talking about your exes on your first date.

The audacity!


This heartbreak moment.

Why does trying to find love have to be so complicated?!

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