Random Men Send D*ck Pics, Harass Mumbai Woman Searching For Plasma Donors Online

If you have been active on social media lately, you would know how timelines are filled with desperate people trying to get leads on oxygen cylinders, plasma donors, and available hospital beds for their Covid-positive family members and friends. The second wave of the pandemic has hit the country hard, rendering most state healthcare facilities inadequate to deal with the massive surge in patients.

One such woman who had been searching for plasma donors after one of her family members fell ill is Mumbai’s Shasvathi Siva. According to News18, she had put out requests on social media and as a result, her contact number was being circulated online. She was reassured by her friends that having her contact out in the open would be easier for her to get leads.

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What happened next was random men calling and harassing her. Many asked her if she was single and whether she could share pictures. Some complimented on her display picture and one man offered to help if she agreed to go out on a date with him. Shasvathi took to Twitter to narrate her ordeal.

However, the harassment didn’t end there. Her WhatsApp flooded with unknown men continuously video calling her. Some even went as far as to send her unsolicited pictures of their genitals.

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“Even in a medical emergency, men think only with their genitals,” Shasvathi wrote.

After she had narrated her story, numerous men allegedly harassed her “even more”. Chants of “Not All Men” dominated her comment section and some went on to hate on her on their social media accounts.

People online have been left flabbergasted by this incident. Many condemned the actions of the men in question, calling them “disgusting” and “shameless”. Here is what some of them said:

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To be a woman and to think of facing continuous harassment in the face of a medical emergency is horrifying. Imagine desperately trying to seek help for a family member and getting d*ck pics in return – it is absolutely shameful.

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