17 Things Mumbaikars Wish Were True


Mumbaikars always have their arms wide open to embrace life as it comes. In the regular hustle and bustle of this city, people dream with their eyes wide open. Mumbai is known as the city that never sleeps, because people here work day and night to achieve their goals. Individuality is given utmost importance here, yet they are united by humility and some common wishes.

Here is a wishlist every Mumbaikar will relate to

1. Have bump free roads in every corner of Mumbai

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2. No traffic on western express highway during peak hours

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To have less traffic on JVLR (Jogeshwari-Vikroli Link Road) during peak hours

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3. To find a parking spot near Bade Miyaas on weekends

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4. Local trains should arrive on time

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5. To not miss Virar Fast at the end of the day



6. Get at least the 3rd or 4th seat in local trains during rush hours

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7. Mumbai Metro should maintain its class

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8. Get an auto-rickshaw in the first go

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9. Find a place to sit on at Marine drive during weekends

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10. Expensive multiplexes to lower their price during weekends

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11. Find a parking spot on Linking road

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12. Long queue in Candies should move forward quickly

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13. Not bump into family members, when out with GF/BF at the beach

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14. To own a flat at Marine Drive/ Worli Sea Face/ Bandstand/ Juhu Beach

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15. No hike in real estate prices

16.1 real estate prices
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16. Lights on the cables of Bandra-Worli sea link to come back

Bandra worli sea link at night
Image source


17. Mumbai to never lose its Humanity

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A city made up of dreamers, commonly known as the city of dreams – Mumbai.

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