Mumbai Or Pune? A Debate Every Mumbaikar And Punekar Has


Mumbai and Pune are separated by merely 150 kms. People living in the respective cities are extremely loyal and proud of their city. One of their favorite hobbies is to debate over which city exceeds and is better. If you have friends living in these cities, you will always see them argue on which city is better. Trust me it’s a delight to watch them debate.

Here are the points they make during their debates

1. Mumbai has beaches

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In your face bitches!


Pune has forts and hills

1sinhgadh fort
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We breathe oxygen, not pollution


2. Shops here are open all day

mumbai shops
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Some shops are open 24×7


We believe in chilling and enjoying

pune shops
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Afternoon nap is really important for a healthy life. The reason why we shut our shops in the afternoon.


3. People in Mumbai are hardworking

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They can do any and every job, to survive

People in Pune excel at their work

3 people excel
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They don’t have to do odd jobs to survive.


4. Roads and places in Mumbai, are easy to understand

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There is east and then there is west. Link road and SV road. *Sorted scenes*

Pune is not complicated either

4 pune not complicated
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You can reach any place in Pune, within 20 minutes.


5. Mumbai is huge and grand

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Skyrise towers, bling, sophistication

Pune is warm and cozy

5 pune warm and cozy
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You feel at home when you’re here. Afterall you don’t sleep with your stilettos on!


6. Owning a house in Mumbai is an achievement

6 owning a houe
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Not everyone can do that

Owning a house is Pune is luxury

6 luxury in pune
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We pay less than you and get more space. *Now That’s A Deal*


7. Mumbai has Bollywood

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Pune has IT parks

7 IT Parks
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8. Mumbai has Sanjay Gandhi National Park

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We live so close to the wildlife *Literally*

Pune is surrounded by nature

8 pune nature
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Plus we don’t invade in the privacy of wildlife.


9. Mumbai has fashion street, colaba causeway, Bandra linking road

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Pune has Tulshibaug, FC road and MG road

9 tulshi baugh
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10. Mumbai has Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji

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It’s the Indian burger, everyone loves

Pune has Misal Pav

10 misal pav
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100% Puneri, we don’t have to give fancy names like “Indian burger”, and guess what everyone loves it too.


11. Mumbai has a cosmopolitan culture

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This way we know people from various parts of our country, their languages and festivals. We welcome them all with open arms.

Pune has preserved pure Marathi culture

11 marathi culture
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Also, Pune has a cosmopolitan culture too. We grow and adapt with time you see.


12. Mumbai has Lalbaugcha Raja

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People stand in queue for Hours just to get His darshan. They have more faith in him than in themselves.

Pune has DagduSheth

12 dagdusethe
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He is the richest Ganpati with many worshippers.


13. Mumbai university is preferred over any other universities in Maharashtra

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Well, Pune was called ‘The Oxford of the East’, by Jawaharlal Nehru. Period.

13 pune education
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14. Mumbai has local trains and metro

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Public transport is the best in this city

We Punekars have our two wheelers

14 2 wheelers
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Also four wheelers, but hey! We don’t depend on public transport. Private transport is what we prefer.


15.  People from Pune come to our city for jobs

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Mumbaikars come to Pune for jobs too

15 mumbaikars to pune
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16. Mumbai has Global Vipassana Pagoda

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Pune Has Osho’s Ashram

16 osho ashram
Image source


17. Mumbai has Nehru Science Planetarium

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 Pune has Railway Museum and Pimpri-Chinchwad Science centre

17 train museum
Image source


18. Life in Mumbai is fast

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People run on the tick of a clock. They don’t realise when their day gets over.

Pune has a life

Image source

People here know where exactly their day goes. They enjoy every minute of life.

Well, the debate will go on forever. No one can find a winner here. Both these cities are unique and superior in their own ways.

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