Mumbaikars Share Stunning Images Of The Clear Blue Skies Amidst Lockdown

After Europe was declared to be the new epicenter of the global coronavirus pandemic, Italians took to social media to outline the 6 stages of how the infection spreads as a warning to the rest of the world. And India is paying heed to their advice and following a Janata Curfew tomorrow.

In addition, Mumbai is in partial lockdown until the end of March. Bloomberg quoted Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray saying, “Only essential services like milk and grocery shops and banks will remain open, and offices that do not allow work from home will have to shut down completely. Shutting down local trains, bus services will be our final resort.”

As an unexpected result, Mumbaikars are noticing clearer and bluer skies across the city. Producer and photographer Atul Kasbekar shared this image while inviting others to do the same.

Soon enough residents posted pictures of various parts of the city and how beautiful the skies looked due to lower pollution and the onset of spring. Check them out here.

A few shared night-time images of Mumbai where stars were clearly visible, which are usually very hard to spot. Take a look.

How are the skies in your city? Are there lesser crowds outside? Tell us.

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