Mumbai Overflows Due To Torrential Rains, Mumbaikars Flood The Internet With Jibes

Monsoon has arrived and has taken over the country by storm, and Mumbai is possibly bearing the brunt of it. However, the situation in all the major parts of the city have worsened by the minute due to poor management. The lack of proper drainage systems, poorly maintained structures and innumerable potholes has turned Mumbai into a hellscape.

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As the heavens have been open since Monday, people were left with no choice but to fight the waterworks an reach their offices. But they didn’t have any reason to do so quietly. So, while some angrily tweeted about what they were facing, others made light of the matter in order to get through the day.

Here are the best tweets from Mumbaikars:

1. Scenes from Chembur.

2. Diana’s said it, avoid Dadar.

3. Mumbaikars’ tolerance level must be lauded.

4. Everyone wishes that could’ve been the case.

5. Are people expected to swim to work?

6. That’s borderline harassment.

7. ‘Stream’ is possibly the word you’re looking for.

8. That’s the most relevant metric right now.

9. Truth bombs away.

10. Flip a coin, maybe.

11. The cars are floating. I repeat, the cars are floating!

12. That applies for most of India.

13. Or a sensible one will do as well.

14. That’s true.

15. Shape of Water: Part 2?

16. Definitely the latter.

17. That looks like a task.

18. Whatta wow!

19. Bhaiya iske aage boat nahi jayegi. Swim karke jaana padega.

20. And to top it all off.

Rainy seasons in Mumbai have become a very cyclical process. It rains, people are harassed, they complain and repeat. And realistically speaking, they can’t do anything other than that because they’ve to do their jobs. But who knows, maybe these complaints will one day reach the authorities and they’ll use the tax-payers’ money to make amends. One day.

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