Mumbai On High Alert, Comes To A Standstill; Faces Heaviest Rains Since 2005

Right now, Mumbai is facing the wrath of the rain Gods. It is raining like crazy and Mumbai is also on high alert. Parts of the city are already flooded and the public transportation has been majorly affected. As of now, we know the Western, Harbour, Central line of trains are not working, which has affected the other lines too.

Vehicles on road are immersed in water and the traffic has brought the city to a standstill.


There’s severe water-logging and it is said that Mumbai could witness heavier rainfall than the 2005 rains.


This is Sion.


This is Dadar.


Those stuck in trains can call on these helplines to ask.


People are alerting each other.


This is Khar.


This is Elphinstone bridge.


This is near Siddhivinayak.


Celebrities are warning all too.


But amid all this, people have not lost their sense of humour.

But, on a serious note, people please be safe wherever you are.