Even After Varun Apologised, Mumbai Police Handed Him Another BURN. They’ve Got No Chill!

Tareef karun kya uski, jinhone Mumbai Police ko banaya. My apologies for the overload of cheese-y in bhari dupharia but they’re the best in the business. No, I’m not calling their selfless duty as some kind of trade but the way they do (everything they do) can easily make you a fan.

In fact, @MumbaiPolice, first thing in the morning, schooled actor, Varun Dhawan about road safety when he ‘risked’ his life and his fan’s. ICYMI, here’s what it looked like. 

Needless to say, the internet got together to applaud their efforts (and swag), including yours truly.

It feels like I say this a lot, but you’re wrong if you think it couldn’t get better.

Because Varun did reply with an apology. Albeit, he pleaded that their vehicles weren’t moving aka traffic. 

“My apologies. Our cars weren’t moving since we were at a traffic signal and I didn’t want to hurt the sentiment of a fan but next time I’ll keep safety in mind and won’t encourage this.”

But hey, it’s Mumbai Police we’re talking about.

That’s right. @MumbaiPolice handed Varun another burn about ‘galactic coincidence’ and we are falling short of words, really. 

“Quite a galactic coincidence for the photographer to be on the same signal to capture your gesture, in a good intent nevertheless risky.

Leaning out even in a stationary vehicle can be distracting for others considering your popularity. Glad you took our message in the right spirit.”

Bus phir kya? Praises, praises everywhere. 


2. Neki aur puch, puch.

3. Shashi Tharoor has competition?

This is really something now! I mean, Mumbai police aapke charan kahan hai?

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