Mumbai Police’s Tweets Are Galactic On Fun And We Heart The Responsible Filmy Behind Them

Suh, people?

Please don’t kill me for using ‘suh’ instead of ‘sup’, which is used instead of ‘wassup’, which is used instead of ‘what’s up’!.

Homo sapiens (homophobes, don’t take offence, we’re talking about humans in general) are social beings. This is especially true for our generation who’s stuck on to the inter-web like monster stuck in Will Byers in Stranger Things!

After being exposed to a whole lotta information, we have our priorities straight as to which handles to follow for the best content. But you know that!

Right now, we are majorly crushing on Mumbai Police’s Twitter handle. Well, why not? They’re galactic on fun quotient. *winks* If you are part of the Twittersphere, it’s hard to not notice the kind of awesome content they put out for us.

Remember how royally savage they were to Varun Dhawan? 😛

But, they’ve always been quite punny and have been turning millennial content into public service initiatives, like pros. Using popular TV series and latest movies, they have appealed so much to the buffs in us. Need to sample the thought we’re presenting here? Here, dekko!

1. When they used Katniss for raising about women’s safety.

2. Or Jack Sparrow for sharing awareness about online scams.

3. Mumbai Police are there for us, just like Peeta Mellark is there for Katniss.

4. Of course, they’re our Batman!

5.  These are the Trolls we like, too!

6. The Potterhead in us highly approves.

7. As part of their latest campaign, they’re using on-screen villains.

8. And, they had the perfect tribute for Shashi Kapoor ji.

9. Hail Mogambo…not!

10. How can we even forget the Divide they were between us and troubles when Ed Sheeran was in India!

11. There are no Stranger Things for Mumbai Police.

12. They’re the ones Breaking Bad!

13. They have the best drug awareness campaign, in my humble opinion.

14. They’re watching you!

15. Cuz they don’t like anyone being Befikre.

16. Our F.R.I.E.N.D.S at Mumbai Police care for us so much.

Wondering who’s brainchild it is? Well, it’s a group initiative by a whole bunch of people. In a 2016 interview with The Hindu, Sunchika Pandey (Consultant, Content & Creative at Mumbai Police) had said,

“It’s a team efforts. It is a continuous process. We get together every day and decide the theme for the week, and discuss how best to tweet the theme. Several tweets are discussed and the best ones are approved.”

Mumbai Police’s creatives on women’s safety, traffic rules and other law and order issues are so on point always and we can’t state in words, how big a fan we are of them.

Pretty sure, they’re going to keep churning superior content such as these and will keep us entertained thoroughly.

Rahe savdhan, rahe satark, and keep following Mumbai Police’s Twitter handle. You know you love them, x.o.x.o, Gossip Girl (not)!